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How to Cure Tension Headache? Consider Top Nine Natural Remedies

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Excessive stress, poor posture, and repetitive activities, when combined together, pave the way for a tension headache. Although pain starts in shoulders and neck, it gradually travels up head and wraps entire head like some tight crown.

Renowned chiropractors said, looking down at cell phone for a prolonged period, playing video games continuously, clenching jaws, sleeping on stomach can contribute to this particular condition. They have also specified many natural remedies. Major ones are as follows:

  1. Cold Pack-

Taking a cold shower helps. You can also place a cold pack on your head for fifteen minutes every other hour. Never rub ice cubes directly because it might cause painful frostbites.

  1. Hot Compress-

Best chiropractor in Adelaide emphasised on the significance of placing heating pad on back of head or neck. Indulging in a hot water bath can also do wonders. It lets you fall asleep.

  1. Caffeine-

Having some coffee, tea, or anything with a tad bit caffeine in it once in a white eases the headache. However, make sure to never grow into this habit because caffeine withdrawal has its own adverse reactions.

  1. Dim Lights-

People admitted feeling a hammer hitting inside their head when exposed to flickering or bright light. If you have experienced the same, consider covering windows with dark coloured curtains during the daytime, wear sunglasses if venturing out, and adding anti-glare screens to computer monitor.

  1. Relaxation-

Be it yoga, stretches, progressive muscle relaxation, or meditation; you must learn how to chill out when suffering from a headache. People also consult and go through physical therapies if their spasms are getting worse with each passing day.

  1. Massage-

You can do it yourself or ask any of your family members. Massaging neck and temples for a couple of minutes can alleviate headache, especially if it is a consequence of anxiety and trauma.

  1. Ginger-

This might seem strange to some, but many practitioners said ginger when consumed along with prescribed medications ease excruciating pain. You can either opt for a supplement or brew a cup of tea.

  1. Essential Oil-

Renowned professionals offering chiropractic for kids and adults said essential oils containing a wide range of aromatic compounds can also provide relief from headache. Peppermint and lavender oils have reduced symptoms most.

  1. Magnesium-

Magnesium is an immensely significant mineral. Many bodily functions, including nerve transmission and blood sugar control, depends on it. Interestingly, several studies suggested that magnesium can soothe vibrating brain tissues. Try adding dark chocolate, avocado, tofu, legumes, fatty fish, whole grains, etc. into your diet.

When carried out with acute diligence, natural remedies stated above can cure tension headache permanently. However, in case they fail to generate a desirable outcome, consider seeking professional assistance. Research has proven spinal manipulation, a common process implemented by chiropractors, quite effective.

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